Share where we can find you!

by [Boneflesh], 443 days ago

Hey gang!

Most of us haven't played together anywhere in a long time, but that doesn't mean we can't still keep in touch, right? Share your steam/battle tag/skype or whatever else if you'd like to talk to your old guildies! 

I've also made a Discord server if you guys wanna come and hang out:

- Wurst: (majuh#2102)

- Boneflesh (Kris#2643, Steam: kiki261191, discord:Kris (Bone)#9228)

- Dragom1ty: (Dragom#2965)

- Goody/Deli: (Ted92811#2562)

- Anestean: (Anestean#2606)

- Lyndaria: (Arylynn#1661)

Joski (skype: kissjozs3f, battle: Joski#2609, steam: j0ski)

- Ashes (Steam: Slashfiction, bnet :  Ashes#1528)

- Hingeloom (discord Zengetsu#1039)

- Misiek (Xbox Live: VicenaryPlanet)

- Malphuss- Dobromir Petrov (Skype: stz_homie BattleTag: Niany#2489)

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